Ontario woman’s car insurance wrongly cancelled after she claims rebate

Ontario woman’s car insurance wrongly cancelled after she claims rebate
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The erroneous lapse in payments to her broker mean her premiums have nearly tripled

An Ontario woman has had her insurance rates almost triple after she attempted to claim a rebate and instead accidentally missed a payment.

Tian Liang of Mississauga called her insurance company to receive a rebate on her premiums, according to CTV News, as she had not been driving as much due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I called the broker and I said I need a refund because I don’t drive my car and I was told I got a $190 refund,” she said.

Because she thought she had received a $190 credit, she deducted a portion of that rebate off of her next insurance payment, only to receive a letter the next month from her provider saying “to avoid having your policy cancelled, please pay the total amount due $77.02.”

She ignored the letter, thinking it referred to an amount she owned pre-rebate and that an updated number acknowledging the refund would be sent her way. Instead, her policy was abruptly cancelled.

“I got a letter saying they cancelled my policy. I was very upset,” Liang said. “Suddenly I can’t drive my car because I have no insurance and I need to go to work. Now my husband has to drive me to work.”


LORRAINE COMPLAINS/EXPLAINS Lorraine Explains: Could this pandemic lower your car insurance rates?by  LORRAINE SOMMERFELD  | APRIL 6, 2020

“We understand missed payments are not always intentional, and a cancellation for non-payment can impact a customers future insurance premium, so our process includes multiple notices and opportunities for payment,” a spokesperson for her former provider, Economical Insurance, told CTV News.

Liang is now being quoted up to $4,000 annually from other insurance providers due to her non-payment; she says she has a good driving record and is surprised a partial missed payment could have such brutal repercussions.

source: https://driving.ca/

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